About Lynley

Lynley Joyce lives on the outskirts of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia with her family and a variety of other wildlife. The Hotlands is her first published novel.

In the “real” world Lynley works in web or online service delivery. In the past she has worked as a policy developer, a business analyst, supported innovative and technology companies and been a researcher focusing on organisational and social changes associated with information technology.

2 thoughts on “About Lynley

  1. Hi Lynley,

    I am currently writing a second book that covers the times of Edward Lord and Maria. My ancestor, Irish convict Murtagh ‘Murty’ Ahern came to VDL with Maria and in 1810, thanks to David Collins and Edward received a pardon just before Collins death the same year. Murty’s brother Michael worked for them in Sydney as did Murty. Murty travelled back with Lord in 1814 as a servant, before becoming a pioneer of Liverpool in Sydney. Maria did battle (letters) with Governor Macquarie regarding his failure to honour, Edward’s recommendation for a pardon for Michael. I was hoping you may have during your research have come across Murty’s activities? Tassie does not acknowledge he was there. I have amongst my archives an original photograph of Edward before he died. Enjoyed your excellent blog.

    Kind regards

    Brian Ahearn


    1. Sounds like your ancestor had an interesting life. Sorry, didn’t come across anything about him in my travels, but have you read Alison Alexander’s book: Corruption and Skulduggery – it’s about early Hobart but focuses on the lives of Edward and Maria Lord. Can’t quite put my hands on my copy for the moment, otherwise I’d look in the index, but at the least, it gives a good insight into the times.

      I’d love to see a copy of the photo of Edward Lord.

      By, “Tassie does not acknowledge he was there”, do you mean you haven’t been able to find records, or he’s not mentioned in books?

      I guess you’ve had a look in the Tasmanian Names Index?

      TAHO have been very active in digitising convict records, other records too, but firstly the convict ones, and a lot of them are online. I had a quick look in the Names Index, and couldn’t find a Murtagh or ‘Murty’ Ahern – is it possible he used another name? Has been known. There may also be fewer records of him as, if he came to Tasmania with Maria, then he must have been sent as a convict to Sydney first, but he should appear in conduct records etc, unless of course he used another name during that time.

      Of course the Names Index only includes records that have been indexed. There are also others which are available online, but not indexed ie we have to browse through them. Guess you have seen: https://www.linc.tas.gov.au/family-history/Pages/default.aspx which has some guides for tracking down those records? abd also https://www.linc.tas.gov.au/archive-heritage/guides-records/Pages/default.aspx

      Best wishes for your further research. When you’re finished, I’d really like to read it.


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